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what's a pogo?

We are in a new age... long gone are the days of click, click, click eLearning with its boring, passive learning experience (and high price tag to boot). Today's users want a mobile solution that provides important skill building help on any device, whenever they need it. Our new pogo offerings are the future...


What's a pogo?

Pogos are interactive digital learning materials & are the best way to publish learning assets, accessible anywhere, on any device.

They're a great way of integrating words, images, videos and links into an online communication tool - perfect for both training materials and internal communications.


Which devices will pogo work on?

A pogo will work on any device, online and offline, and each pogo is published in Flash and HTML5. Whether on Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android... your documents are ready to be viewed.

Want to have a look?

Call us to discuss how a pogo can help you on 888-559-0074.


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