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Unser Anspruch-alt

Wie ist es, mit uns zu arbeiten?

So sind wir einfach… 'Wir sind dazu da, das Arbeitsleben besser zu Machen.'

Diese einfache Aussage beeinflusst täglich unsere Entscheidungen und Handlungen.

Von unseren Anfängen als kleines Familienunternehmen bis hin zu unserer heutigen internationalen Präsenz - wir glauben, dass Arbeit immer wieder lohnender und produktiver sein und mehr Spaß machen sollte. Ein Drittel oder mehr unseres Tages verbringen wir alle auf der Arbeit – eine positive Arbeitsatmosphäre stellt nachweislich sicher, dass wir diese Zeit genießen, und schafft damit optimale Erfolgsbedingungen. 

Auch für unsere Kunden möchten wir die Arbeitswelt immer wieder ein Stück besser machen, bei allen Herausforderungen der heutigen Welt. Ist es das nicht wert, dafür jeden Morgen aufzustehen?

Wie es ist, bei uns zu arbeiten? Hier sind ein paar Gedanken dazu von unseren internationalen Kollegen…

Lettie Keefe

Working at HF has given me the opportunity to work alongside brilliant people. People who collaborate, share ideas & inspire each other.

I recently worked with a client who wanted to put newly appointed management through extensive leadership training. Watching this program come to life was the absolute highlight of my career! We pulled off a learning event like no other - building relationships through giant bubble-soccer, delivering training in classrooms that were transformed into life-like sets ('50s American diner, locker room and more!) & capping it off by teaching leaders to perform a Beethoven symphony - I could barely believe my ears!

Working in a place where you are motivated by those around you & having opportunity to transfer that creativity to client work is what makes this job unique.  

Shaz Forozan

I am proud to work for a company with such a long history of leadership in the industry. It’s amazing how different, vibrant and energising the place is.

The most enjoyable part of my role is providing the ‘Grosvenor Place’ London training centre experience. I love connecting with the delegates and providing outstanding service. 

I love the detail Hemsley Fraser puts into making the delegates happy. From retro sweet bar, to snacks, fruit and even candy floss - we want people to really enjoy themselves. I absolutely love the training centre itself, it’s got a beautiful feel which makes it really enjoyable to work in. 

Every day feels fresh at Hemsley Fraser. I love meeting new people and thriving on the challenge of building a rapport with delegates and generating new ideas to raise our client learning experience.

Linda Pugh

I love restoring antique jewellery. It gives me great satisfaction to see something beautiful restored to its full splendor.

My job at HF can be quite similar - I recently worked with a client who wanted to outsource their learning administration services, which they knew could be working much more effectively. Through a close, transparent working partnership we delivered new systems, new processes & a new MI reporting structure -- and ultimately the targeted cost savings & service level improvements that we committed to.

Of course this didn't happen overnight. In my world you rarely find a quick fix – change and improvements take patience & time.

But much like restoring a dull gemstone, it's always worthwhile!