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Our Directors

  • Todd Turner

    I wake up every day with the same thought: it’s time for change! That means that every day I challenge the HF team and our clients to make a change for the better. This might be small change like tidying a desk, or a big change like rationalizing a global supply chain for a major client, it doesn’t matter. Life and success is about constant improvement. Learning plays a big part in improving life and business, so the business connection to my personal passion is clear. I enjoy projects that are high energy and high innovation – and particularly love it when we are working with a client that is willing to take some risks. I’m also known for being a little impatient, so like to see change brought about quite quickly.

    My LinkedIn profile is here.

    My little known learning tip:
    Have you ever noticed the small embossed ‘57s’ on a bottle of ketchup? These are pressure points on the bottle – if you hit the bottle there the ketchup will come flowing out. So put down those knives and anything else you may be jamming in a ketchup bottle. Told you I was impatient.

  • Rémi Blet

    I'm Rémi the Finance Director at HF. While my primary mission is obviously to track profitability and ensure the company develops in a sustainable way, as a team we strive to go beyond this strange ‘black box’ that finance can represent for many folks. For us, finance is also all about sharing knowledge and developing competencies between ourselves and with all other company departments. This all being done with the strong will to improve ourselves and better serve our clients, suppliers, employees… all stakeholders in fact.

    My LinkedIn profile is here.

    My little known learning tip:
    Choosing wine: Whatever the occasion, deciding on a bottle of wine should not be solely based on the grape. The land, climate and the producer cannot be ignored. In fact, for the producer, learning and perpetuating knowledge is key to making a great wine. The best example is Chardonnay which can be the worst and the best white wines. "Unfortunately", you’ll just have to taste the difference to make up your mind!

  • Marc Hutchings

    It’s my children that get me up every morning, but it’s the challenge of working in the L&D industry that makes each day a pleasure. I’m a director at HF and responsible for the open and in-company business. We improve people’s lives through learning and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to see returning customers telling us great stories about their experience with us and how things have and continue to change for them. In fact, over the 20 years that I’ve been working for Hemsley Fraser (yes it really has been that long... I was employee number 4 at the beginning) the one consistent factor has been the opportunity to work with colleagues who retain the same love of learning I see in my children and in the array of clients that we have developed long term relationships. I see it as central to my role to ensure we continually innovate, provide the best learning experience and give customer what they want throughout a lifetime of learning.

    My LinkedIn profile is here.

    My little known learning tip:
    I love tech., so here is a little battery advice...  You can extend the life of lithium-ion batteries by: 1) Allowing shallow discharges - they do best when you discharge them for a little, then charge them for a little bit. 2) Keeping them in the 40%-80% range. 

  • Sally Hurrell

    As well as being the Hemsley Fraser Operations Director, I’m the ‘Pollyanna’ too (and in my personal life!). I believe there’s a solution to every problem and won’t rest until I (or someone else) finds it. I think it’s critical that business leaders encourage two way communication and suggestions for improvement – and don’t ‘switch off’ the life blood of their organizations. The often widely held (mistaken) belief that leaders and managers have all the answers is just untrue.  I encourage members of my teams to share their thinking and ideas, and make sure I take time to explain if a suggestion can’t be adopted. I get genuinely excited when I see individuals thinking creatively and working collaboratively to find solutions – a mindset and skill that’s contagious and once learned will be a ‘friend’ for ever. 

    My LinkedIn profile is here.

    My little known learning tip:
    It’s not little known, but I believe in it passionately and so make no apologies… It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. 

  • Lynsey Whitmarsh

    I’m Lynsey and I head up Hemsley Fraser’s Digital and Innovation team. My job is to continuously develop and innovate new ways of learning that are aligned to the digitalization of the world around us. This doesn’t mean that everything has to be digital but learning needs to be more accessible and engaging to meet the expectations of today’s learners. Our growing team of creative thinkers, and producers bring visual storytelling to the learning world. I work in creative collaboration with our clients, by considering the art of the possible and exploring some of the key digital products that we currently provide. Being brave is key to the way we think and act, pushing the boundaries and expanding solutions for future learning is at the heart of what we want to achieve.

    My LinkedIn profile is here.

    My little known learning tip:
    Take a break from the norm! Experiencing something new, outside of your normal comfort zone or safe surroundings can evoke new thinking, creativity and innovation. Changing your perspective, connecting with new people, cultures and activities can break the cycle of boredom, excessive stress, and anxiety. Challenge yourself today to do something different, take a different route to work, talk to a different group in your organization or take up a new hobby that will allow you broaden your horizons and thinking patterns. #destroyinggroundhogday.