This course addresses the connection between resilience and our ability to work positively. It explores how managing and sustaining optimum levels of pressure can deliver sustainable and positive performance.

We are all challenged to keep our performance levels up and to find ways to embrace new ways of thinking and working. By understanding how to effectively manage our emotional state and remain positive we are able to build our personal resilience and improve our positivity at work and our performance.

This course is suitable for business professionals that would like to improve their personal resilience and work more positively.

By the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Understand what resilience is
  • Understand the impact of the language we use
  • Use tools to help manage your emotional state, stay positive and deal with uncertainty
  • Recognize your own optimum pressure level
  • Create an action plan to identify how you can make a positive difference in the future
  • Being positive in the questions you ask - The power and impact of the language we use
  • How you already ‘bounce back’ - Your existing resilience and resourcefulness
  • Your personal resilience profile and practical tools for increasing your resilience
    • Gaining a shared understanding of resilience
    • The 4’R’s model (Staying Positive; Building Agility; Being Focused and Dealing with Uncertainty)
    • Practical tools for managing emotional state and remaining positive, including: Perceptual Positioning and Mindfulness
  • Personal wellbeing: finding your optimum level of ‘pressure’
    • The advantages and disadvantages of ‘pressure’ at work
    • Explore the difference between pressure and stress – understanding the detrimental impact of long term stress
    • Tools/advice for managing and sustaining optimum levels of pressure, including: identify any ‘red flags’ in you and your colleagues
  • Being positive: Thinking and planning framework
    • Shift from ‘control thinking’ to response thinking’ – Identify how you can make a positive difference Create a personalized positive action plan

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