This one-day highly interactive course is designed to assist leaders and senior managers who are stepping into a role where responsibility to manage managers and not front line staff is key to your success.

This course gives you an opportunity to critically review the new skills you will require to lead a team of managers. We deliberately move away from the common leadership topics such as leadership styles, team building and motivation, as the variety of information held within this course is designed to reflect the new perspective of managing managers. It will enable you to make an immediate impact and rapidly gain commitment to perform as a true senior management team.

This course will be of value to any manager who is stepping into a role where you are now responsible for leading a team of managers or for those more senior managers who wish to develop their capability as a leader of managers.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define your role as a leader of leaders
  • Position yourself in relation to different management levels
  • Develop specific managerial practices in management of managers
  • Create a supportive team culture within your team
  • Inspire confidence and enthusiasm within your team of managers

Position Yourself as a Manager of Managers

  • Your organization’s expectations as a manager of managers
  • Assessing your responsibilities as a manager of managers
  • Add value to your role of managing your team of managers
  • Reporting upwards and managing your manager

Influence and Lead Your Team of Managers

  • Building your personal identity as a leader of managers
  • Build the relationships within your team
  • Create a shared vision of the company’s challenges
  • Work together towards priority critical company issues

Implementing Monitoring Tools

  • Determine the essential working procedures for your team
  • Formalize levels of reporting and monitoring processes
  • Setting up the working standards for your team of managers
  • Managing difficult situations when team rules are broken

Develop and Perform as a United Management Team

  • Give your managers an appropriate level of autonomy
  • Apply appropriate levels of delegation
  • Encourage suitable levels of support and challenge within your team
  • Identify when to stand back or make selected interventions

Personal Application Planning

  • Build a personal development plan for your role as a leader of managers
  • Develop an action plan ready to implement with your team