This workshop provides managers with key knowledge and practical tools to promote outstanding employee engagement and team motivation.

This one-day workshop enables managers to get a firm grasp on the exciting new developments in employee engagement. Linking issues that are faced in the workplace, this course takes a refreshing approach that combines practical leadership and management skills with the latest neuroscientific research.

This course is for those who have experience in leading and managing others. If you are experiencing unmotivated, dissatisfied members in your department or team, or just want to increase motivation across the board, this course is for you.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Develop and apply a strategic approach to employee engagement.
  • Apply the concepts of employee engagement into practical approaches in the workplace.
  • Understand how to be an engaged manager.
  • Recognize why members of your team may be underperforming and what you can do about it.

Employee Engagement – an Overview

  • How to develop a common understanding of ‘Employee Engagement’
  • How to understand a business case that you can share with colleagues

Creating the Right Environment

  • How to develop and consider the strategic narrative and use it effectively
  • How to create the right environment within which employees can thrive
  • Issues that inhibit effective engagement at your organization and how to overcome them

Engaged Managers and Integrity

  • A look at what is holding you back as a manager
  • Tools you can use to be excellent at engagement
  • How to create a team where trust and openness thrive

Employee Voice

  • Learn from the latest neuro scientific research and how to use it to great effect
  • Approaches that you can use immediately that will bring your team to life
  • How to develop effective communication within your team