This is a highly interactive course which will give you the opportunity to practise giving and receiving feedback in the workplace.

This one-day course gives you the core skills that will help develop confidence to deliver and receive feedback effectively. Using a simple seven-step technique this course provides plenty of practical opportunities to develop this essential skill for a workplace professional.

Any individual who has to give feedback as part of their role. This course will also cover how to receive feedback effectively.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define feedback and when it should be used.
  • Deliver appropriate feedback to your colleagues in a range of situations.
  • Give balanced feedback using a seven-step feedback model.
  • Build rapport and empathy with your colleagues in feedback situations.

Delegates should bring a real-life scenario with them to the program to enable them to practise and prepare techniques for use back in the workplace.

Building Blocks of Effective Feedback

  • What is effective feedback?
  • When to deliver feedback
  • The benefits of feedback
  • Defining feedback – the difference between praise and feedback
  • Constructive feedback to develop individuals
  • Instant feedback vs formal feedback

Your Feedback Model

  • Preparing for the feedback meeting
  • Introducing the seven-step feedback planner
  • Feedback planning and model practice
  • Receiving feedback to develop
  • Setting SMART objectives to ensure action

Essential Interpersonal Skills for Feedback

  • The power of questioning to gather information
  • Demonstrating listening through Emotional Intelligence
  • The mysteries of body language – revealed
  • Summarising to check understanding

Handling the Receiver's Reactions to Feedback

  • Understanding life positions and remaining assertive
  • Helping the receiver give their own feedback
  • Staying neutral not emotional
  • Overcoming resistance, denial and aggression when giving feedback

Personal Development

  • Preparing an action plan for use in the workplace