Effective managers and supervisors need to be able to successfully implement change initiatives, but that's much easier said than done. This course will help you decode the difficulties of dealing with change, select the most effective change management model for diverse organizations and situations, and develop a strategy for successful implementation. Beyond seeing change as an issue or challenge, this course looks at strategies for viewing change as an opportunity for innovation. Creating a culture that supports innovation and creativity is one of the best ways to build organizations that can respond to change in a positive and proactive manner.

If you are a manager or supervisor gearing up to implement a change initiative, this course is for you. This course will offer you the opportunity to increase the capacity for innovation within your organization and lead the way for change in a proactive and positive way.

  • Describe the forces that drive and restrain successful change
  • Identify organizational characteristics that support and hinder creative change
  • Assess your organization's culture
  • Apply John Kotter's eight-step change process to build success in your change initiatives
  • Apply five key actions managers use to create a culture that supports creative change
  • Commit to using your role to support positive change