This is an interactive course which focuses on how to apply questioning and listening techniques to communicate with greater effect in the workplace.

This one-day introductory level course introduces you to the core skills that underpin effective communication: skilled questioning, focused listening and confident voicing of your views. You will learn how to achieve greater success and openness in your work-based relationships. The course contains interactive sessions that will help you to develop your confidence in using more effective questioning and listening skills, and you will leave with a personal action plan identifying the key changes to make.

Individuals who want to improve their confidence, gather information, build relationships and persuade internal and external audiences.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Communicate more effectively.
  • Gain new information through effective questioning techniques.
  • Pick up on hidden messages.
  • Actively listen for feelings as well as meaning.
  • Use techniques to check and build the understanding of others.
  • Increase your confidence when communicating face-to-face.

 Effective Communication

  • Identifying and using different communication styles
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Understanding the other person's perspective

The Impact of Poor Questioning and Listening

  • Creating confusion and misunderstanding
  • Losing new ideas and stifling creativity
  • Causing frustration and demotivation

Good Questioning Skills

  • Understanding when and how to ask a question
  • Taking the time to question rather than answer
  • Using probing techniques to gather information

Good Listening Skills

  • Improving your concentration when listening
  • Learning how to listen for feelings
  • Demonstrating appreciation of the other person's point of view

Putting it into Practice

  • Communicating with confidence
  • What others say may not be what you hear
  • Creating a personal action plan to communicate more effectively