This virtual session will help you to become a role model for resilience and equip you with some immediately applicable techniques for helping first yourself, and then the people in your team to build their own levels of resilience. It explores the physical, emotional and mental aspects of sustaining optimum levels of energy and pressure, to help you to remain focused and deliver high performance. You will then practise guided reflection and coaching exercises that you can use with individuals, and discuss how to develop a sense of purpose and a feeling of psychological safety for the team as a whole.

Team leaders and managers who want to be able to build resilience in themselves and their teams.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Explain what resilience is
  • Manage and increase your personal energy levels
  • Use tools to help manage your emotional state, stay positive and motivated
  • Live according to your values
  • Guide others to reflect positively on adverse experiences
  • Develop a sense of purpose for your team
  • Foster psychological safety within your team
  • Use coaching questions to guide people through a challenging situation