This course explores how a project integrates with other departments within the organisation; the extra responsibilities that can fall under the role of the project manager and the people skills needed to support the project management process.

As organisations mature and adopt project management as a formal discipline, there is an increasing need for project managers to understand how a project relates to other areas of the business.

The language and principles used throughout this course are designed to support individuals who wish to further their career by gaining the APMP qualification.

Suitable for individuals who are:

  • Existing project managers who already have a working knowledge or basic understanding of project management theories.
  • Managing a project support office.
  • Project managers wishing to move into programme management.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Build on existing knowledge and understanding of the role of the project manager.
  • Understand how projects integrate with other areas of the business.
  • Explore how the project tools can be used together to enhance the project manager's capability.
  • Improve your management of project stakeholders.
  • Effectively manage and control changes to a project.
  • Utilise standard metrics to report on project efficiency and effectiveness
  • Manage the requirements of a project effectively

Project Management in Context

  • Identify the concepts and differences between project, programme and portfolio management
  • Appreciate who is involved with each of the above processes and what responsibilities they have

Business and Commercial

  • Assessing the financial and non-financial measures used to appraise projects so only viable projects are undertaken
  • Exploring different types of contracts used in project management
  • Financial management for project managers

Planning the Strategy

  • Understanding, capturing and managing the requirements of the project
  • Planning and delivering the benefits
  • Focus on how quality can be incorporated ‘as standard’ within a project to reduce, rework and improve internal processes
  • Recognise both quantitative and qualitative tools that can be applied in the identification and assessment of risk

Executing the Strategy

  • Using milestones to measure progress and performance
  • How to apply Earned Value Analysis to a project
  • Resource management using ‘S’ curves and histograms

Stakeholder Management

  • Stakeholder analysis and stakeholder management
  • Stakeholder planning