You will focus on adapting and developing your leadership approach to become more inclusive, flexible and confident. You will have the opportunity to practise and enhance your coaching skills, and to prepare yourself for leading the next change initiative. Finally, you will leave with a personal action plan to support you on your journey to becoming an inspiring leader.

Suitable for experienced managers who are responsible for the performance of others and who run a business unit or department.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Articulate the importance of practising inclusive leadership for individuals, teams and organisations
  • Apply the most appropriate leadership style for a given situation
  • List the key skills required from an effective leader and evaluate self against these
  • Use tactics for enhancing team trust, alignment and accountability
  • Recognise and practise behaviours to promote constructive conflict
  • Confidently conduct a coaching conversation, following the GROW model
  • Recognise and overcome resistance to change
  • Identify and analyse key stakeholders for a required change
  • Becoming an inclusive leader
  • Maximising the benefits of diverse teams
  • The Situational Leadership model: how to flex your leadership style to suit the occasion
  • Assessing yourself against the key leadership competencies and developing a personal action plan
  • Building high-performance teams based on trust and shared accountability
  • Understanding individual development needs and the context for coaching
  • Becoming an effective and insightful coach
  • Recognising the value of healthy conflict and fostering an environment where it can flourish
  • Defining what people need as they experience organisational change and the factors that make change succeed or fail