Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

Lesen Sie mehr darüber, was aktuell bei Hemsley Fraser und der Demos Group weltweit passiert.


Historically, a leader is the person ‘in charge’. We see leaders as charismatic, powerful and influential figures who can adopt ‘heroic’ qualities when needed. So when someone becomes a leader, they often feel compelled to act in this way. Unfortunately, this can give them an inflated sense of their own importance, leading them to adopt an ‘authoritarian’ leadership style.

The challenges and benefits of appointing an external provider to supplement your training capability are examined in a new research report from Hemsley Fraser, which highlights that ‘managed learning’ can be undermined by poor relationships or a mismatch of expectations.

Wendy Brooks recently retired from her role as director at Hemsley Fraser.

Global learning provider Demos Group has undertaken a strategic reorganization to introduce a new learning solutions-oriented operating model and a broader range of training services to clients in five key countries.