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Custom development experiences that help drive your business goals

For those who want to make a big impact in a short period, HF offers Learning as a Service. It is subscription-based with a menu-driven, flexible array of services.

  • Move beyond outdated eLearning & LMS approaches
  • Achieve high levels of learning content engagement across employees
  • Utilise a multi-channel approach to learning delivery
  • Create a self-service learning culture
  • Quickly deploy the foundation for your blending learning
  • Create a truly transformative experience

Quick to deploy, Learning as a Service is designed to fit your learning strategies and ecosystem...

 Award-winning digital learning library

 Easy-to-use Digital Hub content platform

 Access to expert services

Build an enterprise workforce development solution that fits your needs perfectly

Use our content, platform and services to build an experience that is aligned to your business goals, meets your employee's expectations, and helps to power competence and organisational capability at scale. 


Learning as a Service enables you to move at PACE...


  • Platform: access to an award-winning platform that puts the employee experience at the heart. Boost engagement with your LMS and other communication and collaboration platforms, or avoid the need for multiple platforms. It acts as a one-stop-shop for all content that is important to the enterprise including key communications, knowledge management of functional & technical information, and learning & development.
  • Agile content: going beyond traditional eLearning into a modern micro-learning building blocks format. Rapidly deploy online learning to enhance your existing offering and as the foundation for blended learning solutions.
  • Context: access a flexible array of services that help you produce and deploy those all-important context-setting messages.
  • Experience: leverage our seasoned expert, consultative, and project support staff to create and support experiences that readily address your business need. The key to the experience is bringing all learning, knowledge, and key information together to provide personal and relevant playlists to the end-user. The content can be a mix of your content, our content, and third party content. How flexible is that!? 

A blended service offering to meet your business challenges

Learning as a Service helps to solve the business challenges of today... including things like organisational collaboration, diversity and inclusion, onboarding, leadership effectiveness, workforce effectiveness, digital transformation, remote working and more. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.


Business impact 

By simply using your LinkedIn credentials, you'll have access to our Hub full of useful content. LMS's are a thing of the past, welcome to the future of workplace engagement.

  • Engage & develop your workforce wherever they are
  • Connect your enterprise with company news, key messages & learning
  • Drive performance through connecting people to knowledge


Sound interesting? Try it now

Thriving in a virtual world

To help during these challenging times, we offer a package to help your teams thrive while working remotely. Help keep your workforce connected, combat feelings of isolation, and instantly communicate with effectiveness. This is a perfect example of how Learning as a Service can be used to help solve today’s key workforce challenges.


Find out more

Find out how this is helping organisations today and how we can help you.


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Für eine persönliche Beratung kontaktieren Sie uns gern.

Rufen Sie uns an, senden Sie uns eine E-Mail oder nutzen Sie dieses Formular für eine kurze Nachricht ...