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Segway to Leadership

Stepping up to leadership is one of the most important transitions in an employee's career.  Whether you are a new leader, or one needing to refresh your skills, your Segway will be quite literal in this innovative offering! 

We love experiential learning!  And what better way to segway to a new role, than well... to Segway to a new role! Our unique program offering for leaders, or others undergoing significant role changes, puts you in the driver's seat, as you traverse specially-chosen locations designed to bring out unique and inspirational learning objectives. Whether exploring historical landmarks, a monument to a significant leader, or a memorable inter-cultural location, there are learning opportunities all around us. And getting there can be half the fun!


Hemsley Fraser and Capital Seqway 


For residents in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, or who's training plans bring you here, we are pleased to offer an exclusive partnership with Washington's Capital Segway.  Located only a few short blocks from our central downtown training facility, Capital Segway's convenient departure point ensures that you are ready to get on board with your training!  A 1/2 day session includes your safety orientation on use of a Segway, as well as specially-designed tour of some of DC's most historical locations, with accompanying learning at each stop. 


Outside DC?


Hemsley Fraser has contacts and partnerships for Segway learning experiences in many other parts of the country. Give us your contact information below & let us handle the development of a course that integrates a learning solution specifically designed for you. We'll handle the the program design & the logistics.  You just pack the sandwiches! 

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